Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India

which mattress is good for health in india

In this article we bring you the Best Mattress In India which are good for Health.

The health of your back depends on the right mattress

As a general rule, a good mattress should distribute the weight of the body appropriately, respecting the natural curvature of the spine on the back and aligned when sleeping on the side.

Before purchasing, you need not know the ‘Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India.’

Let’s first find out the benefits of having a good quality mattress.


  1.  Reduce allergic syndromes: 

A mattress that has been used for a long period can be the reason for allergies. As the old ones consume more dust, you become the victim of such symptoms.

But the new ones can give you refreshing feelings. If you use the mattress protectors, you can combat the dust.

  1.  Stress reliever: 

The mattress should be made of such materials that allow them to fall sleep just lying on the bed. A good mattress can offer you stress-free sound sleeping. Due to this, the next day, you can get a fresh mood.

 Types of mattress 

  • Spring mattresses : Spring mattresses offer sufficient support and good ventilation, so they can be somewhat cool. There are mattresses with a summer face and a warmer winter face. In general, these mattresses adapt well to the body and usually maintain good independence of movement for the two members in a double bed. Adequate mattress to have a healthy back and rest
  • Polyurethane foam mattresses: Polyurethane foam mattresses are good heat insulators and, depending on the density of the foam, offer more or less firmness. It is not advisable, for an adult, a mattress that has a density lower than 35 kg / m3, and in general, the lower the density (lighter), the softer.
  • Memory foam mattresses: The memory foam mattresses are made of a special foam that molds to the body under the effects of heat and pressure, offering an optimal distribution of body weight. These mattresses are not advisable for people who tend to change their posture a lot during sleep because the deformation of the material lasts for a while, and, when changing position, it can be uncomfortable.
  • Latex foam mattresses: Latex foam mattresses can be made of natural latex (from the rubber tree), synthetic latex (from petroleum), and auxiliary materials used in different proportions. These mattresses offer fairly firm support, but at the same time, they are very flexible and adapt well to the contours of the body, distributing the pressure evenly. They are good insulators from heat, and thanks to the vents, they also maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the contact area. They are a good option for those who move a lot at night, as latex effectively absorbs body movements. These mattresses are ideal for people with respiratory allergies or asthma,

 Best mattress For the health  

Let us have a go through at the best mattress that you should definitely try once. Some mattresses can offer you comfort but cost a lot and make you feel like a victim. In this article named ‘Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India,’ we have tried our best to include the most demanding five mattresses that are budget-friendly and can deliver you the best services ever.

  1.  Emma Mattress Review 

This Memory Foam made Emma mattress is able to provide moderate level firmness and also cost-effective. For long-term uses, you can find this one indisputably, as the mattress comes with twenty years manufacturer warranty.

If you have back problems or spinal pain, then this mattress from Emma mattress will be the right choice for you. With the help of a unique three-layer and as well as seven zones spine support configuration, this mattress is able to distribute the pressure so that you can lay on any poses that you want.

Which mattress is good for health in India can be answered with a quick review of this mattress that has been liked by many users.

  1.  Sleep company Smart Mattress 

After checking the review of this mattress, you will be able to get the answer to your query, ‘which mattress is good for health in India?’

Comparing to the ordinary orthopedic ones, this luxurious, extremely soft mattress is able to offer double coziness due to its ultra-modern grid techniques.

One of the additional benefits of this mattress is intoxication manufacturing.

  1.  Wakefit Mattress Review 

Do you know which mattress is good for health in India for king size beds? Have a look at the Wakefit mattress. It is such a mattress that is 78 inches long, 72 inches wide.

If you want to shop from a trustworthy brand, then go for the wake fit mattress, as the manufacturers offer ten years warranty on the product. This mattress that is designed with ultra-modern patterns and featured with advanced technology offers sound sleep to the users.

  1.  Sleepyhead Mattress: 

Foam made white-colored, this sleepyhead mattress is extremely soft and cozy. Due to the high-quality foam configuration, this mattress is evenly pressuring distributing.

Besides, the fabric of this mattress is really breathable.

  1.  Sleepycat orthopedic mattress 

Are you confused by thinking Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India? Then this ultra-modern mattress that is made of Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam can be a great choice for you.

The manufacturers have applied ultra-modern techniques to make this mattress. The high-density foam of this mattress allows the users to get cozy sleep.

  1.  Wakefit dual comfort mattress 

In our list of Which Mattress Is Good For Health In India, we have included another mattress from Wakefit dual comfort. The manufacturers offer a warranty period of seven years on this mattress. If we talk about the softness, then this mattress can be categorized at a moderate level.

Another advantage of this mattress is both sides using the facility. This mattress is 78 inches long and 60 inches wide.


So, have you got the answer to your question which mattress is good for health in India? Now just decide which one hits your aspirations and also fits in your budget. Shop it and enjoy a cozy sleep at night.

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