6 Best IFB Washing Machine Review-(Buyer’s Guide & Review)

 Best IFB Washing Machine Review in India 2020 

Technology has reached a different height nowadays and manual work has almost extinct in everything. Frankly speaking, people are so busy these days that they always seek help from technology to do their work in less time. For example, earlier if I was writing this article then it should have been done in pen and paper. But technology has gifted us with the computer that has reduced the time required for writing this to a large extent.

Similarly washing clothes manually is a very tedious task to do and those days are over now because again with the blessing of technology the invention of washing machines has made this task a lot simple and easy.

If you are planning to make this task simple by buying a washing machine for your home but confused among so many options available in the market to choose the best one, then you are in the right place. Close all the tabs you have opened for analyzing the best washing machines in India and focus only on this tab because we have spent a lot of time researching the best ones for you and providing a consolidated list to you.

We have mainly reviewed the best IFB washing machines in India 2020 in this article. Now the question that may be arising in your mind is why do we choose IFB? Let us see that now.

 Why to choose  IFB 

Many brands in the Indian market manufacture washing machines but the best and top washing machine brand is the IFB. This was the first brand that offered Indian customers with the front-load washing machines when all other brands were focusing on top-load ones. From that time, they have improvised their technologies and incorporate them into their washing machines to gain customer satisfaction with their performance and better products.

IFB offers us with a combination of excellent design quality, different capacities, high-qualities, and versatile washing machines. Moreover, the advanced features that they use in their washing machines are very attractive. Like, these washing machines are very much suitable for hard water because of the advanced aqua energie feature in almost every model.

 Benefits of IFB Washing Machines 

The benefits of IFB washing machines are a lot, let us discuss some of them here while most of them you will understand once we start reviewing each product.

  • These washing machines provide excellent washing performance by taking into consideration the wastage of both water and power consumption.
  • Most of the models are equipped with a crescent moon shaped drum that takes care of the fabric and ensures a gentle wash of your clothes.
  • These machines do not make much noise while working and even keeps the fabric soft and maintain the shine of clothes.
  • The ball valve technology of these washing machines helps in the effective use of detergent and makes your clothes clean and fresh.
  • Besides, several wash programs are provided so that they can suit your every laundry needs.
  • 2D wash and 3D wash systems also help in effective cleaning of your clothes though these systems differ from model to model.

IFB washing machines normally come in different capacities from 6 kg to 8.5 kg. The 6 kg washing machines are ideal for bachelors or couples while 6.5 or 7 kg ones suit small families with 8 or 8.5 kg for large families. The price differs based on this capacity and also different technologies used in the different models of IFB washing machines. In this blog, you will also get the best ifb washing machine reviews.

 Difference between Front Loading and Top Loading 

The name is enough for getting the difference in the basic functionality of the two types. For the front load ones, you have to insert the clothes from the front while for the top load the clothes have to be inserted into the drum from the top portion.

Front-load washing machines are expensive than the top load options because front-loads are fully automatic while the top loads can be of two types either semi-automatic or fully automatic.

The front-load washing machines are much more efficient in terms of water because they require much less water compared to the top load ones. The front-loads are much energy efficient because they work for a longer time and also at much less speed. The front-loads are also much efficient in the drying of your clothes.

But yes, the top loads are much more economical to buy because they come at a lower price than the front load ones, so if you do not have a very high budget then you can also go for the top load IFB washing machines as they are also much efficient though less than front-loads but can give you much satisfaction.

Now let us look at the two types of washing machines which are semi-automatic and fully automatic and let us understand the difference between them.

 Difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic 

When you are thinking about buying a washing machine, this is the most basic feature that you must consider. Although it is somewhat related to your budget, like if you have a tight budget then semi-automatic should be your choice but if you have a flexible and dynamic budget then you should know about the difference between these two and try to sort out which one is ideal for you.

  • The semi-automatic washing machines are equipped with two tubs located side by side out of which one is for washing and the other for drying. After one wash cycle is over you have to manually transfer the clothes to the next drum for drying. On the other side for fully automatic there is no manual intervention washing and drying will happen in the same drum and it is automated.
  • As discussed above, since the semi-automatic washing machines have two different drums so they are somewhat bigger as compared to fully automatic ones. If you have less space then fully automatic is the ideal choice to go for.
  • Coming to the power consumption now frankly speaking fully automatic washing machines consume more power as compared to semi-automatic due to the advanced functionalities of fully automatic ones though that is manageable keeping in mind the more effective wash that you will get.
  • Then the major difference between these two is water usage. In semi-automatic, you have to manually pour water in the drum hence the benefit is you will not need a water supply connection and you will face no problem even if your locality does not have a consistent water supply. In fully automatic, you need a water connection as water cannot be poured manually. Although this is advantageous, but for localities with poor water supply it becomes somewhat difficult to fill water in the drum.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines require less time for one wash cycle but the overall time is more since you have to put the clothes in the dryer again but for fully automatic as both functions are performed sequentially so it requires less overall time although the wash cycles are longer.
  • There is a large difference in the wash quality of semi-automatic and fully automatic, in this case fully automatic ones are the best.

So all in all, fully automatic washing machines are the winner but again considering your budget choose between the two.

 Buyer’s Guide for choosing the best IFB Washing Machine In India 

Before going to our picked models for the washing machines and choosing one to buy, there are some factors that you have to consider so that you can take the best one to your home.

The capacity of the washing machine – This is the first and foremost thing that you have to plan before buying any washing machine. The capacity of a washing machine implies the amount of clothes that you can put in for one wash cycle or, more specifically speaking the combined weight of all the clothes that you are putting into. This is directly proportional to the number of your family members, so choose in a wise manner like,

  • If the number of members is one or two then buying a 6 kg washing machine is perfect.
  • For two to three members, you can go with the 6.5 kg option, and up to 4 members 7 kg washing machine can be your ideal option.
  • If your family comprises more than 4 members then please opt for the 8 or 8.5 kg IFB washing machine.

Front Load or Top Load IFB Washing machine – As we mentioned the main differences between these two go for the one which you feel is much appropriate for your household as well as the budget.

 Wash Programs supported – Always go for the washing machine which offers more number of wash programs because a higher number of wash programs is much better for you. This is mainly required to optimize the wash cycle for different kinds of fabric thus the quality of your fabric will remain intact by choosing the proper wash program.

The spin speed of the drum – This defines the total number of times the drum spins in one minute. So if the spin speed is higher, then your clothes will be washed effectively as the detergent gets dissolved efficiently and also help in drying the clothes, so please see the specifications of the spin speed for whatever washing machine you go for.

Semi-automatic or Full automatic – The difference has been explained in a detailed manner above so please refer to that and select between the two.

Warranty of the product – Not only washing machines any electrical appliances should be bought by checking the warranty. The ones that we have compiled here all of them have a minimum of 4 years of the warranty period.

After discussing some of the factors to be considered while buying let us take a look at our picked models for you.

 Top 6 Best IFB Washing machines in India 2020 

After analyzing for quite a few hours we have picked up 6 best IFB washing machines for you out of which 3 are top-loading ones while the other 3 are front loading. So you can compare them and choose as per your requirements.

 IFB Front Load Washing Machine  

 1.IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine – Front-Loading with 6 kg capacity (Diva Aqua SX) 

IFB Washing Machine Review

Verdict :This IFB washing machine of 6kg takes the first position in our recommendation list as it comes at a reasonable price considering fully automatic feature and front-loading and also due to its performance efficiency.

Product Description :This front-loading washing machine comes with the best wash quality and much efficient in energy and water. With 6 kg capacity, this is a perfect choice for bachelors and couples. With the aqua energie feature, water is energized and the filter treatment uses the detergent to its fullest so that the clothes get washed effectively.

The anti-allergen feature of this washing machine helps to remove all the allergens and dirt pollutants from the clothes to ensure proper hygiene, this is very much suitable for families with kids. Another advanced option is there which is the Laundry add thus enabling you to pause the wash cycle and add more clothes in between.

Voltage fluctuations can cause damage to the electrical components, for preventing that this ifb front load washing machine possesses the high-low voltage protection which can monitor the voltage fluctuations and helps to get rid of this damage.

This ifb washing machine is a free-standing device thus you can keep it at any corner of the room wherever you feel is appropriate. It is equipped with a ball valve technology that lets the water come out keeping the detergent so that the detergent can be used fully. The design quality is excellent with the body made of stainless steel thus making the product much durable. Because of all these features this is one of the best Ifb washing machine in india.

Special Features :The crescent moon drum helps in creating a pattern of water so that the fabric does not get damaged, 2D wash system helps in cleaning the clothes thoroughly and effectively, ball valve technology is also there.

Included Components : The package contents include a washing machine unit, drain hose, protective rat mesh, water inlet pipes, and a manual.

Warranty :This ifb washing machine 6 kg comes with a warranty period of 4 years on the product and 4 years on the motor.

  • Looks excellent and washing power is super.
  • Best value for money product.
  • Noise is less and easy to use.
  • After-sales service is quite good.
  • The installation cost is very high.

 2.IFB Washing Machine 7 kg – Fully Automatic and Front-Loading-Neo Diva BX 

IFB Washing Machine 7 kg – Fully Automatic and Front-Loading-Neo Diva BX

Verdict:This 7 kg washing machine is enough for families consisting of 3 to 4 members, belonging to IFB can easily gain your confidence and requires no extra explanation from us.

Product Description:Unlike the previous one which supported a 2D wash system, this comes with a 3D wash system thus can clean your clothes much effectively. This IFB washing machine is also equipped with an express wash program which is mainly designed to ensure effective cleaning for small and lightly soiled loads like gym clothes.

This is also equipped with the ball valve technology by which the detergent is used fully and giving you cleaner clothes. This also supports the laundry add the option with the help of which you can add clothes in the middle of the wash cycle by pausing it. This machine has been designed with 11 wash programs thus offering you a wide variety of choices.

The 5-star energy rating of this product ensures the best in-class energy efficiency. Like the previous one, for this also the crescent moon drum helps to prevent damage to the fabric of the clothes. The in-built stabilizer helps to secure the electrical components in case of voltage fluctuations.

Special Features:Crescent moon shaped drum, child lock, laundry add option, aqua energie, and hot wash option form the special features for this IFB washing machine.

Included components:The package contains the washing machine unit with the drain hose, protective rat mesh, water inlet pipe, and a manual.

Warranty:For this 7kg washing machine, the manufacturer offers a 4-year comprehensive warranty with 10 long years on the spare part products.

  • • The performance of this product is fully satisfactory.
  • • Easy to use and maintain.
  • • Super quiet and cleans very well.
  • • Lots of different wash programs.
  • • The installation service is not quite good.
  • • The customer support is not as per the expectation

 3.IFB Front loading Washing machine 6.5 Kg – Fully-Automatic-Senorita WXS 

IFB Washing Machine Review

Verdict:It is really difficult to choose which one to not include in the list when it comes to IFB washing machines. This Senorita WXS washing machine is also the best as per our opinion which will not upset you if you buy.

Product Description:With 14 wash programs, this fully automatic front loading washing machine is a value for money product. The double tone colored body is really attractive and this can be placed at any corner of the room. The spin speed of this is 1000 RPM thus help in the fast drying of the clothes.

The washing machine is equipped with an aqua energie feature by which water is energized and the filter treatment dissolves detergent better to give an effective cleaning. The anti-allergen feature helps to remove any allergens from the clothes and ensure to provide you fresh and clean clothes. The laundry add option is also there by which you can add clothes in the mid of the wash cycle by pausing it.

Similar to the other front-loading products, this also has the ball valve technology which allows water to move out by keeping the detergent intact thus preventing the wastage of the detergent and cleaner wash. There is an in-built stabilizer by which it can manage any voltage fluctuations and make sure that the electrical components are not hampered.

Special Features:Some of the notable features include express wash, LED display, 3D wash system, and auto imbalance system.

Warranty:IFB provides a 4-year comprehensive warranty for this product.

  • • The look of the product is cool.
  • • The performance of the product was quite up to the mark.
  • • Easy to use and well-built product.
  • • Installation service people are not so knowledgeable.

 IFB Top Loading Washing Machines 

 4.IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 6.5 kg -Top-Loading-TL-RDS-RDSS Aqua 

IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 6.5 kg -Top-Loading-TL-RDS-RDSS Aqua

Verdict:If you have some budget problem with front-loading or don’t want to go with front-loading then also IFB has offered us with the Top-loading options and among that one of the best is this TL-RDS/RDSS Aqua washing machine.

Product Description:This washing machine comes at a much affordable price with great wash quality and performance; even it is much easy to use. As evident from the title this is of 6.5 kg capacity so it is suitable for families with 2 to 3 members. The spin speed is 720 RPM and hence the drying capability will be much high.

The 3D wash system of this washing machine provides excellent cleaning of clothes and the crescent moon groves on the drum creates a pattern of water thus resulting in effective cleaning but without causing any damage to the fabric. This IFB washing machine is equipped with a triadic Pulsator Cleaning engine which removes any dirt from the clothes to make it clean and fresh.

The design quality of this washing machine is so good that you can keep it at any corner of the room as it does not take up much space. The stainless steel body of this washing machine makes it much strong and durable. The big LED screen display on the top of the washing machines makes it much easy to use and adds to the beauty of the room as well.

Special Features:art sense, crescent moon drum, express wash, 3D wash system, LED display are some of the special features of this product.

Included Components:The package contains the washing machine unit, water inlet pipe along with drain hose, protective rat mesh, and manual.

Warranty:The warranty offered by the manufacturer for this item is 4 years comprehensive and 10 years on spare part products.

  • • Good and easy to use with user-friendly functions.
  • • The cleaning effect is good.
  • • Noise is low as compared to other brands.
  • • The product is Lightweight.
  • • Though the noise level is low it is slightly higher than the front-loading ones.


 5.IFB Washing Machine 7kg with Fully-Automatic functionality and top-loading-TL-SGDG Aqua 

IFB Washing Machine 7kg with Fully-Automatic functionality and top-loading-TL-SGDG Aqua

Verdict:Although this comes at a little higher price than the previous top-loading model, this comes with a capacity of 7 kg so you can go for this one as well.

Product Description:This washing machine is very attractive to look at the dark grey color with black color at the top. The wash programs available in this machine are 8 which gives you all options so that you can wash all types of clothes properly.

This IFB washing machine 7 kg is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members and also supports 3D wash which will provide you an effortless and excellent cleaning. The drum has crescent moon groves which help to clean the dirt from your clothes without hampering the fabric. It also features a triadic pulsator wash by which dirt gets removed from all the corners of the fabric.

This washing machine also has a memory of saved programs so that you can save your wash program option for daily use. It is also equipped with a lint tower filter which traps the lint so that it does not go out into the environment and cause harm. Like the previous product, this also consists of the big LED display for easy use and this also decorates your room to some extent.

Special Features:Some of the special attractive features of this product include a bleach dispenser, crescent moon drum, auto softener dispenser, 3D wash system, aqua energie, and triadic pulsator.

Included Components:These are the same as earlier ones which include the rat mesh filter, manual, water inlet pipe along the washing machine unit.

Warranty:This IFB top-load washing machine comes with a warranty of 4 years comprehensive.

  • • The product looks good.
  • • Quality is brilliant and sturdy product.
  • • Very easy to use and elegant look.
  • • Customer service is not as per the expectation.

 6.IFB Top-load washing machine 6.5 kg -Fully-automatic-TL-RCG-RCSG Aqua 

IFB Washing Machine Review

Verdict:Another top load IFB washing machine takes place in our recommendation list. Not satisfied with the earlier ones? Then you can also go for this and you will be much satisfied with this product.

Product Description:Let us now see why we have included this in our recommendation list. The graphite grey color of this washing machine is very much attractive which will look beautiful in your room and the 6.5 kg capacity is ideal for 2 to 3 members.

There is a big LED display that makes the machine look more attractive and also makes it convenient to use for you. The deep clean technology of this washing machine is useful for removing all different kinds of dirt from your clothes. The crescent moon drum makes the water to create a pattern that removes all kinds of dirt from the clothes.

The machine is equipped with a smart sensor that can automatically detect the amount of load and adjusts its settings so that both water and detergent can be thoroughly used. The aqua energie feature dissolves the detergent better so that the clothes can be well cleaned. The lint filter helps in the trapping of lint thus preventing it to go outside and pollute the environment.

Special Features:Smart sense, express wash, aqua conserve, aqua energie, bleach dispenser are some of the noted features of this product.

Warranty:The manufacturer offers a 4-year comprehensive warranty on the product.

  • • Product quality is quite impressive.
  • • Negligible noise while running.
  • • Functions are very simple thus easy to use.
  • • Customer service is not as per the expectation.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q1. What are the types of washing machines available?

 Washing machines can be broadly classified into two types – Semi-automatic and fully automatic. Within each type, they can be further subdivided into Top Loading and Front Loading.

Q2. Which is better – Front Loading or Top Loading?

 We have discussed this in detail in the above section you can refer that to have a clear understanding.

Q3. How much detergent should I add?

 This is a variable that is it depends on the type of clothes or the wash program you are choosing and even the amount of hardness of the water.

Q4. Can I use liquid detergent instead of powder detergents?

 Yes, liquid detergents are better since it fully dissolves in water.

Q5. Why do you choose the IFB?

 IFB is one of the renowned brands when it comes to washing machines. There are various benefits of the IFB washing machines. You can learn them in detail in the above section of “Why IFB”.

 1st place winner or Final verdict from our side 

We have included our verdict for each of the products but if you want to know our recommendation for the best among the six product  that we have reviewed, we suggest you go with the Diva Aqua SX as that is the one that I use personally at home and though the capacity is 6 kg it is enough for our family consisting of 3 members. Because of all its features and specification this is one of the best Ifb washing machine in india.

Go for the one among these six that you feel will be the best choice, all the very best!



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