6 Best Decorative Lights For Home In India-(Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

Are looking to buy the Best Decorative Lights For Home In India? Then you have visited the right place. Here, we have provided 6 top Decorative Lights For Home for you.

 Best Decorative Lights For Home 

Best decorative lights for home

Brightness brings charm to the surrounding environment. Regardless of the state of the environment, one can maximize the charm of the setting, the circumstance, and the location with the right amount of lighting. It has been proved scientifically that illumination, in various ways, influences our preferences, moods, judgments, and enjoyment. You can overpower other’s best wishes with the right setting.

Today, we have multiple light sources to pick from to brighten up our homesteads like string lights or fairy lights that come to modern RGB LEDs in the form of tiny halogens. They are often found indoors and can improve your space or hall’s visual appeal instantly.
But with numerous brands and features flooding the LED market, how can you pick the right one for you? Yeah, we’re here to assist. We have a proper “Buy Guide” to help you in your quest to purchase the perfect string light inside.

Lighting is one of the most significant design decisions on more than one level that you’ll make for your home. Above all, the lighting needs to serve a practical purpose, providing the right amount of lighting for the room in which it is situated. But apart from practicality, lighting is also a major element in architecture. Light fixtures vary from easy to make a statement, and selecting one end of the spectrum over the other can affect a room’s look.
We have put together a lighting buying guide to help you find the ideal happy medium between style and substance, covering various types of lighting, models, room guidelines, and more.

Best decorative lights for home in India to shop

Here is a list of the best decorative lights for home in India that you can shop for in 2020:

 1.Atne Pink Rose string LED lights 

Atne Pink Rose string LED lights

Add grace and class to your home with these beautiful lights that come in the shape of roses. They are the best option to decorate the corners of your home and add life to the dull and life fewer corners. These lights look beautiful and can make any place look the best.

The energy-efficient clear bulbs have a diameter of 1.7inches, which is mounted on the string every 12 inches. The bulbs on the string are placed half a meter from the plug, which gives you a beautiful setting of 25 cord bulbs. The bulbs are positioned with each other within a reasonable distance, so they provide uniform light throughout the field.


  • Well packed and delivered fine! The lights look stunning over every parapet, but they are not waterproof.
  • With its brightness, it produces a warm and calming atmosphere.
  • To send out a party setting, the strings can be attached to up to 20 strands max.
  • If you’re putting it on the gazebo, hanging it over a garden bush/branch, or simply decking up your patio, you can be sure your visitors will receive a lot of compliments.
  • They are energy efficient and also economical
  • They last long and have a big size that is easily noticeable.
  • The roses are safe and do not get hot even after a long time of usage.
  • They are not washable.

 2.Citra 30 rose flower shape LED lights 

Citra 30 rose flower shape LED lights

Do you feel like sticking to the norm and yet giving in to the new lighting world? You stumbled upon perfect string illumination. These contemporary fairy lights come with 20 white LED bulbs shaped like a garden flower, which not only brightens up your spot but also adds a bit of glitz to it. Bring these beautiful flower lights back home this Diwali to enjoy a feeling of allure in your backyard.


  • The Retro string lights are suitable for glamorizing the garden or enhancing the appeal of the living room decor.
  • They are best decorative lights for living room.
  • The 20 mini LED flowers add a special touch to decorating the stage.
  • The two-pin plug can be used anywhere in India but may need an extension cord to hang it on the windowpane or outside.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Pocket friendly and reusable.
  • The price is a bit high for a decent quality light string, but during weddings and festivals, it sure gives a traditional touch.

 3.Quace 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights 

Quace 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights

The 25 ft Quace G40 end to end string lights are great to brighten up your backyard and patio. These plastic yellow string lights weighing up to just 549 gms, will effectively add beauty to your living room or garden.

The energy-efficient clear bulbs have a diameter of 1.7inches, which is mounted on the string every 12 inches. The bulbs on the string are placed half a meter from the plug, which gives you a beautiful setting of 25 cord bulbs. The bulbs are positioned with each other within a reasonable distance, so they provide uniform light throughout the field.


  • The versatile copper fairy lights are just the decoration needed to decorate your home during the festive season.
  • The moldable strand facilitates stringing them with anything.
  • The LED bulbs shaped like a dewdrop illuminate evenly, giving the house a sophisticated feel.
  • These are lightweight, simple to transfer and to curve, simple to mount, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and robust.
  • The string lights can be skillfully bent to decorate and create a nice effect but be careful not to scratch off the insulation or cut off the wires.
  • The string lights can be skillfully bent to decorate and create a pleasant effect, but be careful not to scrape off the insulation or cut off the wires.
  • Strong home decoration widely applied in backlighting, secret lighting, channel letter lighting, emergency & safety lighting, advertising sign lighting, decorative holiday lights, case, exhibition.
  • These fairy lights are an enormous sell-out available at a very cost-efficient price.
  • Some of its best features are waterproof and shockproof, which makes it safe for pets and kids. And it requires no special cabling.
  • The fairy lights are powered by USB. They can be charged via your phone charger or via a laptop.
  • None. They are a perfect product to shop for.

 4.CITRA Indoor Outdoor String Lights Window Curtain Lights 

CITRA Indoor Outdoor String Lights Window Curtain Lights

One of the best-manufactured goods available in India. Citraa string lights are inexpensive and fun that can create an aura of allure everywhere and everywhere. The versatile copper wire, no doubt, makes the rough corners and bays easier to decorate. These decorative lights for bedroom are powered by USB, can reach up to 10 m or 33 ft, and can hold 100 LED bulbs at a fair distance from each other.


  • Not only is the strong, pliable copper wire powerful, but it is also energy efficient.
  • 0.4 mm thick copper wires are robust enough for a minimum of 5 years of service.
  • The wire is well shielded so that the LEDs do not overheat.
  • The voltage output among its series is viz the lowest. 5V.
  • A total of 20-4 meters long leads.
  • Ac power supply The flowers are soft style but solid, micro led with a holiday atmosphere is super bright.
  • The rose string light is really secure and does not get hot and can be used almost anywhere.
  • Rose floral colors, romantic feel. Great for Valentine’s Day indoor, party, wedding, house, festival, vacation, restaurant, hotel, shopping centre, etc. Unique Plans.
  • The first benefit of buying a make product in India is that it isn’t going to do much.
  • Citraa decorative lights with 100 LED lights have proven to be at a nominal rate comparable to the string lights previously mentioned.
  • It’s a great product to own, especially if you’re decorating indoors during parties or festivals.
  • The lights do not have a durable life and also do not guarantee a long run time.

 5.Desidiya 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights 

Desidiya 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights

This costly set of lights does produce an atmosphere that calls out for celebrations. These decorative lights for wall are suitable for weddings, festivals, and birthday parties and are ideally suited for outdoor activities. The numerous modes allow you to choose the lighting you want. The only downside will be that as the net/mesh nature appears to tangle the LED lights, it needs to be managed carefully. Storing is a problem.


  • The versatile copper wire, no doubt, makes the rough corners and bays easier to decorate.
  • These decorative lights powered by USB can reach up to 10 m or 33 ft and can hold 100 LED bulbs at a fair distance from each other.
  • Not only is the strong, pliable copper wire powerful, but it is also energy efficient.
  • Copper wires are robust enough for a minimum of 5 years of service.
  • Perfect fancy flower string lights for home decor – this high-brightness warm white 20 LED lights will offer you unexpected beauty with a romantic and sweet cherry flower style.
  • The 360-degree angle of illumination makes it look amazing at night. Ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting, fairy lights.
  • They are used for Christmas decorations, weddings, lights decoration, house, bedroom, walls, doors, trees, balcony, and decorations for the living room.
  • Magnificent and user-friendly multi-use style-a total of 20 white flower 11 ft.
  • In weight, 20 lamp bulbs with light LEDs. You can easily hang this decorative fairy light on the window or anywhere; it’ll be a great show.
  • The copper strand is ultra-thin and durable to withstand the many decorative folds.
  • With zero delicate filaments and glass components, the LEDs have a hard-wearing capability.
  • This means your string light can last with minimal maintenance for a very long time.
  • These characteristics make the lights both resistant to temperature and to collisions.
  • None. They are one of the best lights to shop for.

 6.XERGY LED Window Curtain Lights 

XERGY LED Window Curtain Lights with 8 Flashing Modes

You’ll get a mix of 8 modes overall, sequential, slow light, in waves, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. These led string lights create a different atmosphere and a different mood for You.


  • 6.7ft.3 ft star curtain string lights with 138 LEDs, 12-star ornaments (6 large and six small), big star ornaments with a diameter of 0.67 ft, each string was falling 3.3 ft; small star diameter 0.3 ft, each string falling 2 ft. The power line is 3.3.
  • Simple to use, plugin, and unplug it directly for power-on and off.
  • U.L. Certified Output and Wire: 29V Voltage Protected Curtain Lights with U.L. certified result in U.L. plugin transformer providing 29V protected output.
  • The source of cold LED light will protect your eyes and keep this string curtain lights cool even after long use.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Quace 138 LED Star Lights is ideal for Diwali, Christmas, Holiday, Party, House, Window, Walls, Doors, Trees, Eaves, Balcony, Yard, Bedroom, Patio, and Andc.
  • They can create a different atmosphere and mood for you wherever you are.
  • WATERPROOF-You can use indoor and outdoor LED string curtain lights with waterproof level I.P. 44.
  • (NOTE: Power and controls are non-waterproof. Please protect them well when outdoor use is required.)

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Pocket friendly and reusable.
  • Do not have a durable life.

 Buying Guide For The Best Decorative Lights For Home 

You need to be pretty careful buying the decorative string lights for your home. Moreover, you need to be precise about whether you want a low-cost package for short-term use or a high-quality light package that will last for a long time. A detailed buyer’s guide to picking the ideal collection of indoor string lights is provided below to deal with all of these issues.


People’s majority wouldn’t want to buy a package of fairy lights that would last only for a few days. Therefore, you should aim at deciding string lights that are designed to last for this purpose. So you can get the best possible value for money! To know the real reliability or longevity of your string lights, do not forget to read the customer feedback.


You don’t want a package of fairy lights that uses a lot of energy as a complete waste of resources would be. You have to go for the string lights that have energy-efficient bulbs, so you can potentially save some money. Also, make sure the bulbs emit enough light as you don’t invest in dim string lights.


 Level of brightness:  

The perception and perceptions of fairy lights fluctuate from individual to individual. Some people might want string lights, which include very bright bulbs, while the bulbs emit a lot of brightness from another community. So check the lumens-rating of the bulbs as appropriate.

 Security Ensurement:  

Some people may own some pets and may have children at home. You should therefore buy string lights featuring bulbs that are cool to the touch and those made from materials that are safe to use in any setting.


You should always look for a warranty cover on your string lights just as on any other electronic product. This will mean that all through you have a head-wear-free experience and you don’t have to worry about investing in another new one.

 Circuit Board design and composition:  

The layout and consistency of any underlying circuit board for high-power LED strip lights are critical to remember. This is because large quantities of electrical current with sufficient copper content can pass through each section.

 Driven Quality & Quantity:  

The Driven emitter measures the strength, reliability, and efficiency of the output light. Select then LED strips with strict controls on LED emitters. Look also at high-power LED strips which count low LEDs.

 Different types of decorative lights to shop for Chandeliers: 

Chandeliers consist of circular hanging fixtures connected to several handles, with uplights, and sometimes downlights. This type of fixture predates the use of bulbs and electricity and has been powered for centuries by candlelight. Crystal chandeliers, best known for the sparkle of hundreds of cut crystals, are only one of several styles of chandeliers, which come in a range of sizes too. Chandeliers work well in traditional and rustic types of decoration and are found in almost every room in the house, from dining rooms to bathrooms. Measure the length and width of the room in feet to decide the required size chandelier for a bed, and add the two measurements together.

 Pendant lights: 

Hanging pendant lights offer a modern or contemporary alternative to traditional chandeliers, while the roots of pendant lights reach beyond the chandeliers and further back. The earliest forms of pendant lighting were hanging clay pots filled with animal fat, which fuelled Greek dwellings firelight in 2700 B.C. In some cases hanging pendants have grown into works of contemporary art. Timeless types of pendant lighting include pendants in the drum pattern, pendants in the Tiffany type, and pendants in the farm theme.

 Wall sconces: 

Usually, wall sconces provide both accent and ambient illumination, illuminate dark hallways, or highlight decorative wall decoration. The designs vary from contemporary frosted glass fixtures and polished nickel finishes to traditional lantern-style fixtures with antique brass or bronze finishes rubbed with oil. Pocket-style wall sconces with mica or art glass shades offer a warm glow, just like the candle-style sconces that imitate antique wall fixtures.

 Portable lamps: 

Portable lamps like table and floor lamps place light exactly where appropriate. As decorative accents, lamps fill the empty spaces while still offering a job or accent lighting. Rustic designs made of wrought iron and deer or rawhide-shaded elk antlers suit well in lodge-style settings. Lamps in the mission style feature square shades with basic geometric lines and shapes, minimal ornamentation, and vivid amber mica hues. In comparison, Tiffany-style influenced Art Nouveau lamps to have the free-flowing aspects of nature with motifs like flowers, birds, and insects made from brightly colored bits of stained glass soldered together with copper foil.

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Question: Can one use decorative lights for outdoors?

Answer: It depends on what your string light collection includes. If your lights and wires are waterproof, then the installation can be completed outdoors. However, if the light set is not waterproof, then the environmental conditions need to be vigilant.

Question: Do decorative lights in India need maintenance?

Answer: No maintenance is required for the majority of the fairy string lights. However, if you buy the light string package that operates on batteries, then you need to replace the dead batteries every now and then.

Question: Is the string lights safe to use for children and pets?

Answer: Fairly, all lights of the fairy string are safe to use. Mind, however, to buy the lights, which are LEDs and safe to touch and UL-certified string lights.

Question: Can I get multi-colored lights?

Answer: You will possibly get the lights of the fairy string in all colors. That choice can be considered for your parties or events.


With extra brightness and elegance added, fairy lights will make your room incredibly gorgeous. You can easily create a holiday atmosphere or a warm environment that is ideal for parties, weddings, etc. While buying the wrong set of string lights can lead to accidents where children can get burnt after hot bulbs are touched. All have been addressed above, however, and we sincerely hope that the guide can help you pick up the right string light for your home.

The Quace 25 ft decorative lights for home are our recommendations. This is a 25 ft light with 25 G40 clear bulbs. With its warm light effects, it looks highly sophisticated. It is ideal for use indoors of any kind!

We hope you liked our guide and will surely love to try out buying the best decorative lights for home in India from us. If you are planning to make your home look beautiful, then you need to have a look at these best decorative lights and make your house look the best place to be at for the duration of the festive season.






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