Best Study Table Lamp In India 2020

Best study table lamp in India 2020

The Best study table lamp in India is a must-have for anyone who wants to work in optimal conditions every day.  A desk lamp is an artificial lighting accessory designed to provide maximum visual comfort to its user.

It is composed of a lamp that can be an LED, fluorescent or halogen lamp, an articulated or rotating arm, and a foot or support.

Modern desk lamps benefit from additional options, such as a USB port for charging a Smartphone, multiple color temperature modes, or touch control to adjust brightness levels.

Philips Table Lamp For Study


Opple Reading Light LED Desk Book Lamp Rechargeable Flicker-Free Children Eye Protection Night Student Study LED Lamp Hoteon Light

Best Study Table Lamp In India 2020


This desk lamp offers you relaxed as it has flicker free and streak free lighting which make it more comfortable to use.



  • Multiple adjustable brightness: Touch control with three colors (temperature) modes to choose from, dimmable with three brightness levels according to your activities
  • Modern Design and High-Quality Material: It will perfectly fit your office/bedroom/furniture. Rotating arm and lamp head made from durable plastic and aluminum alloy.
  • There is a USB charging port for smart phones, tablets, or e-readers.
  • Come with 360 Degrees Rotating Flexible Design


ZOSOE Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp Children Eye Protection Student Study Reading Dimmer Rechargeable Led Table Lamps USB Charging Touch Dimmer(Desk Lights for Study.)

ZOSOE Rechargeable LED Touch Switch Desk Lamp


The High Power LED Calendar Desk Lamp is a particularly comfortable lighting solution for your office. The multifunctional LED lamp offers many useful additional functions. And the powerful LEDs, with a strong brightness of 450 lumens in three different light colors, provide bright and pleasant light and evenly distributed table lighting.



  • High Power Dimmable LED Calendar Desk Lamp with temperature, alarm and calendar functions
  • Ideal for office & home office, bedroom & living room, etc.
  • DC Coaxial Plug Power Cable
  • Consume very less energy and battery with last for maximum 4 hrs once fully charges
  • Energy consumption: max. 8 W during operation
  • Come with rechargeable battery
  • Can rotate up to 360 degree

Best Study Table Lamp In India

Wipro Symphony 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Table Lamp (White)

Wipro Symphony 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

This Wipro Symphony 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Table Lamp (White) is very comfortable to use. Have option of feather touch switch, overcharge, and deep discharge protection with 8-10 hours charge.



  • Includes LED light with the attached plug. Also have option of USB cable
  • Wattage: 6 watts. Voltage (VAC): 220-240, product dimensions (HxLxW) (Cms): 34.2 x 13 x 17.
  • Warranty: 6 months from the date of billing the product.
  • For charge and deep discharge protection, recharge time 8-10 hours.
  • They are working time 12 hours / strong Light 120 hours / weak Light.
  • Built-in 3.7V 3000mAh battery, easy replaceable lightweight lithium battery.
  • Have charging indicator.
  • It comes with a high quality rechargeable battery.
  • Light is eye friendly so it is comfortable to work when using this study table lamp


Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk light (Black)

Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight


Made of solid wood guaranteed to be chemical-free, this articulated lamp has a unique charm. Its power cable has been reinforced with an extremely resistant nylon layer.



  • Ecological materials
  • Eye rest thanks to dim light
  • A black lampshade, sober and elegant, diffuses a subdued light optimizing the workspace, all without damaging the eyes
  • It is integrated with one LED desk light


Wipro 6W LED Table Lamp-3 Grade Dimming and Ambience Lighting (6 Color Options)

Wipro 6W LED Table Lamp

True to its reputation, Wipro has produced a lamp with a futuristic and sleek design that appeals to many consumers. The opinions posted online by consumers are mostly favorable. What makes the success of his lamp, besides its style, is undoubtedly its touch control. The lamp also has a USB port on which it is possible to plug a Smartphone to recharge it.



  • A clean, elegant and futuristic design
  • A touch- intuitive
  • Have USB port to charge a phone
  • have option of Adaptable light modes
  • Come with dimension of 34 x 102 x 375


Why buy an efficient desk lamp?

  • For a better-lit workspace

The main reason for buying a desk lamp is that you can work in good conditions, especially when there is no natural light. Whatever the type of activity, you just need to choose the right lighting to enjoy optimal comfort. Using a quality desk lamp, you will be more efficient, better focused, and satisfied with a job well done.

  • So as not to damage your eyes while working.

Whether you are working on a screen or not, poor lighting in the space causes fatigue and eye irritation and headaches. This is why it is important to have a suitable lamp on your desk. Indeed, this type of accessory offers a level of lighting close to natural light. Your eyes will, therefore, produce less effort and less subject to screen glare.

How to use a desk lamp?

Once the type of lamp has been chosen, it is essential to know how to use it to obtain maximum efficiency. If you are right-handed, your best bet would be to place the desk lamp on the left so you won’t be bothered by shadows. Conversely, if you are left-handed, place it on the right. You must then direct the light in the desired direction using the articulated arm and the rotating head to benefit from optimal lighting. Besides location and orientation, it is also recommended to adjust your lamp’s intensity according to the type of work to be done. The more precise and meticulous the work, the higher the brightness level should be.

What should be observed in desk lamps?

  • Consider the purpose of the lamp
  • Consider extras that are important to you, eg.  dimmer or flexibly dimmable lamp head.
  • The table lamp should express your own personal style .
  • Make sure the brightness is sufficient (lumens).
  • The table lamp should have enough space to remain fixed on the table.
  • Dimmable table lamps should be stationary and remain in the desired position.

Best Study Table Lamp In India



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