8 Best Mosquito killer Machine Lamp In India-(Buyer’s Guide & Review)

 Best mosquito killer machine lamp in India 

There are maybe places in this Universe without life and oxygen. But certainly not without mosquitoes. The black-winged creatures are everywhere; in some places, less and some areas more. Either way, they are not only irritants to the human race in general but also a deadly disease carrier.

Unfortunately, India is a mosquito inhabited country, and apart from spoilt sleep, the deaths due to mosquito-borne diseases are the worst in the world.

The need to protect ourselves from these killers has always been there. The nets or the electrical bats have not been enough along with the coils. This is where the best mosquito killer machine for home comes into play and has registered success in the hunt against them. Found below is the best mosquito killer machine lamp in India with a brief description.

 1.Meldors Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps 

Best mosquito killer machine lamp in India

The Meldors LED mosquito killer lamp follows a trapping technology known as 365mmlight wave, Bionic purple.

It has proven to effectively kill bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc. in absolute silence. It is very efficient in doing so as these insects approach with 20sqm.

Set this equipment in your bedroom and keep it open for three hours before bedtime. This repellent is useful in places where there is no human occupation as mosquitoes have a keen sense of smell if humans are there.

This serves multipurpose as it is a pleasant night lamp too. The modus is more physical activity in mosquito killing. On the contrary, it fails to kill mosquitoes while in operating mode.

Be cautious by not opening the tray in the morning unless it is in operation fr two extra hours. This would kill all those mosquitoes fighting for life inside. Checking the mosquito trays once in 24 hours is advisable.

After purchase, the precautions to be taken are;

  • Keep machine on for two days at least .
  • shut down windows and doors in the daytime.
  • Install the equipment at least one meter up from the ground level.
  • In the nighttime, switch on the light, keep open the windows and let air flow in.
  • Vacuum logic technology used.
  • It Is lightweight.
  • Elegant design.
  • • Plenty of preconditions to follow.


 2.OBLIQ Mosquito killing machine-chemical free 

OBLIQ Mosquito killing machine-chemical-free

The OBLIQ electric mosquito killer machine is chemical-free, thus making it environmentally friendly. The salient feature of this device is to drive away or kill the mosquitoes and insects.

It is practically maintenance-free as the procedure of setup is not complicated at all. You have to plug in the USB port and check on the area it is free from mosquitoes.

It does the job quietly without voltage electricity usage, which is high and delivers the same results indoors and outdoors.

The remains of the dead pests can be easily cleaned away, and it does pollute the air as all these insects fall into a hidden tray. The device can be used at home, office, or factories.

The technology is simple as the device emits a photocatalyst light continuously, which the mosquitoes find difficult to avoid. Once they enter the ‘trap ‘zone, the fan sucks them, and release is impossible.

  • Eco-Friendly machine.
  • Works better in small rooms.
  • Complete darkness is required for the machine to catch mosquitoes.
  • Does not wipe out the entire number present in the room.


 3.HEMJEX Eco-friendly LED Mosquito Kill Lamp 

HEMJEX Eco-friendly LED Mosquito Kill Lamp

The Hemjex mosquito killer can trap and kill insects but can be effective only up to a range of 100Square feet. The other feature is that it cleans the air off any toxic gases.

The technology involved is photocatalyst light with UV rays, which sucks in the mosquitoes to trap and kill due to their irresistibility.

It can be set on with both USB and wall sockets and Is harmless health.

It can be used indoors as well as outdoors and prevents chemical sprays from being sprayed all around.

  • Does not create any smoke nor gas.
  • There is no noise emitted, thus allowing us peaceful sleep.
  • No ill health is caused to pregnant women or children.
  • Durability.
  • It can work in a range of 100 sq ft only.
  • It will not be efficient If conditions are not followed.


 4.Hygiene Flying Insects UV Tube Catcher Zapper Replant Machine 

Hygiene Flying Insects UV Tube Catcher Zapper Replant Machine

The 40W Jumbo comes with a warranty if purchased from the authorized dealer. Moreover, it’s not available online.

The product is most comfortable to install and dismantled. The highlight covers a massive area up to 3000 sq ft and justifies installation at a residence to an office.

The power consumed is meager, and it is odor-free. There is no presence of chemicals, and this ensures health. Plastic is not used to manufacture the product but metal, making it Eco-Friendly, thus ensuring durability.

  • It can be used at offices and residences.
  • The large area is covered.
  • No online sales.
  • Maintenance is high.


 5.Lacran Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Machine Trap 

Lacran Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Machine Trap

The Lacran exudes light waves of up to 365NM in the distance.

In other words, all mosquitoes within that range would fall prey to it.Once attracted by the light, the mosquitoes tend to move towards it. Herein, the Lacran sets out a suction, which is a powerful one and sucked in.

At the bottom is a vortex into which the mosquitoes are dragged in. They get killed inhaling the chemicals, and this is regarded as the best indoor mosquito killer machine.

The tray at the bottom should not be opened up in the morning, and it is best to wait for two hours, which would ensure that all are dead inside. For efficiency, do not install the Lacran near a fan or in an illuminated place.

Pros & Cons

  • The range of 365 NM is good.
  • There are no chemicals in this to spoil our health.
  • It works with a USB adapter only.
  • Liquidators are required.
  • Fan speed cannot be increased.


 6.ISABELLA Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap  

The Isabella is a Musquito killer lamp. It is mostly used for indoor purposes only, and it can attract the insect in the 50-meter range. It is powered by a USB and does not let loose chemical toxins when the machine is operating.

The mosquitoes get attracted to the machine and get sucked into it.

There is not much noise emitted, and it is best to place it in the corners of the bedroom, where there is total darkness.

  • East to handle and install.
  • Does the job silently
  • USB powered
  • Only USB powered.
  • Not fit for usage outdoors.


 7.Ravin Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp 

Ravin Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp

The Ravin LED mosquito killer is suitable for both outdoor as well as indoors. The package bears a set for protection and accessories for pest control.

The Ravin does not exude toxic waste, nor does it use high voltages, which means eco-friendly. It does not harm health, and you can even install it in your baby’s bedroom.

It is best to install it in the darkest of rooms and kills only mosquitoes.

  • It is chemical-free.
  • It works on UV rays only.
  • Odorless.
  • It does not kill or harm flies.


 8.Hygiene Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine 

Hygiene Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine

The 30w Hygiene sports a sleek design that is more unique comparatively. This not only adds to the aesthetic features but to the functionality also.

It’s suited for the indoor as well as the outdoor and has double LED tube light. This sweeps up to 2000 Sq ft, and the bugs/mosquitoes are attracted to a grill inside which the bulbs stand.

The grill is electrified and kills the bugs.

  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • There are no toxics let loose.
  • easy to set up.
  • It is eco friendly.
  • It has imported components that make it very expensive.


 Buyers guide: 

  • Which type should I choose?

You have an array to choose from. As we are focused only on the best mosquito killer lamps, we need to choose from there. In this regard, we like to choose the one which is chemical-free, stylish to look at it, and does not emit any noise to disturb our sleep.

  • User-friendliness

The attack from these mosquitoes comes from all directions, and the need for a simple machine that is user-friendly is required. The device should be effective but simplified enough for us to set it up.

The best option would be to plug and play, but one should be aware more innovations are happening in this field. The best choice would be to purchase one with many features, and you can understand it through the user manual.

  •  Area of Coverage:

The Mosquito killer lamps come with a different range of options. It all depends upon your necessity you are purchasing it for. You can cover a small room or a large area like a tennis court.

Therefore, your decision to buy should be based on the coverage area.

  •  Shifting and Portability:

The more the portability of your mosquito machine, the more would be the use-value. In case you are camping outside, and the area is infected with mosquitoes and insects, the appliance can be easily shifted to the camp because it would be a delight to camp.

For this purpose, it’s better to buy a battery-operated device.

  • Is it healthy enough?

An important factor one has to look for. The machine should not be letting out fumes and chemicals in the process. This would affect our health. Moreover, odorless would be perfect.

  • Decibel levels:

The machine has to be too silent when its operations at night. Some tend to produce hum and others more. Uninterrupted sleep is vital, so check for this feature before purchase.

  • Eco-friendliness:

As such, our environment is being subjected to massive damage, and we should not contribute to that cause. It’s best to purchase a machine that is labelled ECO-friendly and one that is endorsed by authorities. The one which consumes low power also falls under this category.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1.How do I clean these mosquito trappers?

 Use a wet cloth and wipe them gently. It would hardly take a few minutes and do remove the electrical cord from the socket.

3.Are these mosquito killers’ environments friendly?

They need to be if they are not. The idea behind manufacturing such machines is to lend a balance to the environment.

3.Which is the best part of the room to install them?

There is no restriction in them working from any part of the room, but they are more effective when placed in the corners, and these corners need to be dark.

4.Do these mosquito lamps smell while in operation?

No, they do not let out any smell at all. It’s suggested that regular cleaning and maintenance periodically would not give rise to any odor.

5.What’s the method on how these mosquito killer laps work?

The general concept is to attract and then kill the mosquito. They die by electrocution or they suffer from the fumes / chemical poison.

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The market has more than one hundred devices in each category. But we need to purchase the one which suits our requirements and not compromise on what’s said in the buyer’s guide above. In case you do not want it outdoor, then choose the best mosquito killer for the bedroom.

The list has been trimmed to the best mosquito killer machine lamp in India, and at least one among eight should fit into your requirement. If the features are there and your budget suits you, ‘Go Ahead’!





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