8 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2020-(Buyer’s Guide & Review)

Best Gaming Chairs In India 2020

Are you looking to buy the best gaming chairs in India 2020?

If the answer is yes, here, you will find the best gaming chairs available in the market.

You will find different types and brands of gaming chairs in the market, but if you are looking for the best gaming chairs in India, go through the list below!

Tips to be Considered when Purchasing a Gaming Chair.

  • An ideal gaming chair should be highly adjustable in terms of seat height, armrests, and back angle.
  • It should provide adequate lumbar support that can be altered to fit the curvature of your spine.
  • It would be best if you consider buying a gaming chair that has a high weight capacity and robust build.
  • It should have a high backrest that provides lots of upper back and neck support.
  • Should also consist of tilt lock mechanisms for your backrests to tilt in place and accommodate different postures.

To assist you in the best way, we will discuss all the crucial factors to be considered before buying the Best Gaming Chair in India.

At the end of the article, we will be sharing a Gaming Chair Buying Guide. It is highly recommended to read the buying guide and get an in-depth knowledge of the chair. This guide will greatly help you in choosing the right type of chair which suits your needs.

Below is the list of top 8 gaming chairs based on specifications, weight capacity, quality, warranty, buyer’s reviews, market price, style & design, etc.

List of Best Gaming Chairs In India

  •  Ant Esports WB-8077
  • Radius Ergonomic Racing Chair
  • Savya home by Apex Crusader XI
  • GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Multi-Functional Chair (GS-734U)
  • Nokaxus High-Back Ergonomic Racing Chair
  • Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair
  • Seat chacha Gaming Chair (SC1102)
  • Aerocool AC120 AIR RGB – Gaming Chair

1.Ant Esports PVC Black Metal Frame

Ant Esports PVC Black Metal Frame

It is one of the most amazing gaming chairs designed for pro gamers. The stylish look and the attractive pattern of the design you get to see are really amazing and eye-catching at first sight. The seat is available in size 8077. The chair foam type is high-density new foam, which is among the most comfortable products one can find around. The frame color is black and is a metallic frame that has a rocking range of more than 15 degrees.

The mechanism is the same butterfly one, the most comforting. It contains a 350mm silver painting metal base. The backrest angle is adjustable, and hence it makes things easy.


  • The unique pattern of the chair is extremely attractive.
  • The entire cover is of very high-quality material, PU+PVC.
  • The side frames are very strong, and you can feel the comfort.


  • Provides you the best posture
  • Even if you are in with long time gaming sessions, the chair is the best you can have.
  • It is the best budget gaming chair.


  • It is very hard to assemble.
  • The side rest and the fitting is a problem which sometimes doesn’t match.

2.Radius Ergonomic Racing Chair

Radius Ergonomic Racing Chair

If you don’t fall in love with seeing this one, I doubt you as a gamer. The chair has everything you can dream of with comfort and flexibility. It has the best backrest with a little elevated side to provide you with painless movement even if you spend hours on the chair. This is the best gaming chair for back pain, hence it’s no less than an amazing gift to all the gamers. The basic dimensions of the chair are 25 x 61 x 59 cm, and it weighs just next to 10 kilograms. The fabric is a little hard than others but still a lot comfortable.


  • The material of the chair is complete leather.
  • You get one of the best sets of smooth wheels.
  • There is a tilt adjustment knob, which lets you set the tilt accordingly.


  • The backrest cushions are a great advantage.
  • You get a good chair with a brilliant set of color combination.
  • The spine support system is a great addition.


  • The product is not that famous among gamers.
  • The durability is a big question.

3.Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair (Red)

Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair (Red)

Here we have a chair whose looks are not as good as others, but you cannot beat this one with the extra comfort it provides. The company claims that they have given a proper solution to the problem of assembly. It comes with set hardware that will help you to assemble the chair in 15 minutes at max. It is made up of a premium PU quality leather material and is a perfect chair for comfort. Special lumbar support is provided up in the chair to make your back more comfortable. Even the extra headrest pillow is amazing.


  • It is highly adjustable, and they fit great with computer tables.
  • It is provided with a 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters.
  • The resting seat is very comfortable.


  • The pillows provided are great.
  • The tilting action is smooth and amazing, and that makes it extremely comfortable.
  • The chair has even kept a space for your neck, which most of the other gaming chairs lack.


  • The zipper may cause you some problems.
  • The price range is too high as compared to its specifications.

4. GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series Multi-Functional Chair

GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series Multi-Functional Chair

Here comes another beast in the race. The chair is amazing for professional gamers, and hence one can always count on such a famous product. The color though, seems a little dull, but you get variations in it. The fabric is better than normal leather and allows good airflow. This will keep your back dry, and hence you won’t get the sticky problems happening when sitting for too long. This one also has a resting pillow for your neck.


  • The ultimate monster series is all you want for playing with comfort
  • There are choices provided in color
  • The velvet material is a completely different experience.


  • It offers you a facility of sitting crossed legged.
  • The rocking pressure adjustor is really amazing.
  • The base material is hard, and you don’t need to worry about its quality.


  • The spring support is not given a lot of importance.
  • The set of wheels are not smooth and soon need replacement after installation.

5.Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size

This one here does not need to be described for its design, as you will definitely fall in love with it. The color combination that the company is using is great, and there is no reason not to go for this one when it comes to looks. The PU quality material is provided with some extra foam.


  • There is a free 360-degree rotation
  • A warranty for full one year is provided
  • Smooth and secure seat lifting functions


  • It really deals with tiredness, and you will love spending a long time on it
  • You get an extra pair of hands
  • The style makes it look massively wonderful.


  • The chair is a little expensive than it should be
  • The moving parts sometimes lose the smoothness.

6.  Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair | Office | Work Desk High Back Chair

Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair-Office -Work Desk High Back Chair

This chair is highly adjustable, both with the heights and tilting. You get a 90 degree to complete 180-degree reclining property with the chair. The material quality is often a highly rated one, and when this gets combined up with the perfect set of pillows and wheels, the char becomes one among the best in the market. The chair is not that hard to assemble and comes with good support to the spine.


  • You get a two-year warranty with the chair.
  • The size of the chair is quite large for adjusting every fit possible.
  • It is multifunctional, and gaming is one of these functions.


  • The lumbar support is worth it.
  • The chair is very versatile and can be used multi functionally.
  • The wheels are very good and even better than many high costing chairs.


  • The customer support is not that responsive
  • The arms are very fragile.

7. Seat chacha Gaming-Desk Chair

Seat chacha Gaming-Desk Chair

The design is completely new, and so is the color combination. You get to see something unique in the market. The chair height ranges from 38meters to 48 meters and a seat depth of 48 meters. The internal frame is mainly of wooden framework, and the upper layer is Upholstery cover. It can take loads up to 90 kilograms.


  • The assembly kit is installed, which makes it easy.
  • The warranty is for a year.
  • The design is the main highlight.


  • You get a brilliant and unique design
  • The installation is not very hard
  • The chair seems to be classy and distinctive.


  • The guide that they provide is not that helpful.
  • The parts get damaged up very easily.

8.Aerocool AC120 AIR RGB – Gaming Chair

Aerocool AC120 AIR RGB - Gaming Chair

This chair is specifically designed for gaming, and the material is completely new. It is carbon making this chair so attractive. The chair has advanced AIR Tech that increases the airflow and makes your body cool down while sitting for long. Provided with good pillow set and four hydraulic lift.


  • It has RBG LED lights straps.
  • The design is friendly.
  • Comes with 180-degree adjustable neck attachment.


  • The lights are attractive.
  • The neck rest is very soft.


  • The width is less as compared to others.
  • It is beyond the normal range.

Best Gaming Chair Buying Guide:

There are different types of gaming chairs today, which accompany several features, including backrest, neck, and arms support, adjustable recline, 360-degree swivel, and lots of others. These features assist you in remaining adhered to the game for hours without getting exhausted. Remember that the buyers’ budget plays a vital role in purchasing a chair regarding whether he’s trying to find an inexpensive gaming chair or wishing to spend more for good quality and comfort.

The best gaming chairs are designed so that they will offer comfort and stability and create a favorable condition for enjoying. The challenge is with numerous features and available options, how would you select the best gaming chair that meets your requirements?

This guide will discuss a number of the essential features and a couple of tips that you got to look out for when purchasing the gaming chair for your gaming room and can make your purchasing decision easier.

Ergonomic Design:

Incorrect sitting habits and posture can exert unwanted pressure on your spine, causing pain. Over the time it sometimes leads to a lack of blood flow in the body that can cause complexities like cervical spondylosis. An ergonomic chair is one with adjustable parts that are designed to enhance maximum comfort while sitting. It supports proper posture and movements, minimizes back-pain, and holds your weight; this support helps balance your body and counter from physical health issues that stem from bad sitting posture.

Benefits of an ergonomic chair design are:


  • It prevents stiffness in the neck and shoulder.
  • It limits you from the painful and long-lasting bone problem.
  • It helps reduce your back pain.
  • It significantly reduces pressure on your hips.

Features in Ergonomic Chairs:

  • Adjustable Seat Height:One of the essential components in an ergonomic chair is adjustable seat height. You should choose a chair that can be adjusted to position your knees above your hips and legs comfortably rest on the ground.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth:Select a chair that enables you to adjust your seat’s depth to a quarter-inch specification between the edge of your chair and also the back of your knees. This feature will help your both legs to settle during a way to support blood flow and stop you from deep vein blockage that’s caused by a lack of equal blood flow to your legs.
  • Adjustable Backrest Height:This feature will allow you to regulate your chair’s backrest part to be fixed within the best optimum position and support your back. The chair should also feature tilt lock or tension mechanisms to lock your backrests tilt in situ and accommodate different postures.
  • Back angle adjustment:This feature is critical because it hinders you from sitting within the same posture for long hours that causes pressure on your spine.You can turn the rear of your chair to a suitable position or angle as repeatedly as possible. Also, ergonomics chairs allow leaving the rear angle unlocked to vary the angle whenever you progress automatically.
  • Adjustable Arm Support:This feature offers a pivot where you’ll place your arms and provides you comfortable typing experience as you’ll adjust the peak and width of your arm supports. A chair without an armrest may end in more stress on your shoulders, which will cause neck pain and wrist pains.
  • Quality Casters:You should carefully check the standard of two castors because the excellent quality castors will last long and provide the best support to your body weights as you enter or exit the chair.
  • Headrest Adjustment:A good ergonomic chair provides an adjustable headrest that forestalls you from gaining a stiff neck while working.
  • 360° Degree Swivel:One of the foremost comfortable features you ought to check out is a 360-degree swivel to assist you to free your legs, pour a cup of tea, or arrange your table without getting up.
  • Cushions and Pillows:Some chairs also provide lumbar support and head/neck pillows for extra pressure relief and stop short-term or chronic back pain.The lumbar pillows help preserve the spine’s natural curvature, good posture, and minimize strain on the spine.

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Material Used and Build Quality:

Another factor to keep in mind as a buyer is the quality of the fabric utilized in the chair. You should make sure that good quality material is used when selecting the best gaming chair. The following are a number of the foremost common materials you will find in many the best gaming chairs:

Leather Chairs:

Leather chairs are excellent for their flexibility and durability. Leather chairs offer you comfortable gaming experience and will last longer provided that you’re taking excellent care of them. The leather chairs are often further divided into diverse categories that support the type of leather used. Gaming chairs with genuine leather offers an extended life because of the superior grade durable materials used. Another type of leather used is PU leather. It is synthetic leather but offers excellent durability along with water resistance.The third type of leather is PVC (mix of PVC & leather), which is a lower-cost material than genuine and PU leather but offers strong resistance to liquid and fire.

Fabric Chairs:

Gaming chairs are produced utilizing different types of materials to supply the specified comfort and quality to gamers. They’re cheaper than leather chairs. These chairs keep you sweat-free throughout the sport but are hard to wash if you spill food or drinks. It might be best if you used protective plastic covers specially designed for these chairs. The main advantage of a cloth chair is that they supply you subsequent comfort level as you are feeling like sitting on a cushion.

Support Capacity:

One of the factors that are incredibly crucial to think about before buying your best gaming chair is weight capacity. The gaming chairs come with different weight capacities and recommended heights, so you would like to make sure that it’s suitable for your weight and size. The more robust and heavy-duty chair models can support up to 500 lbs.

Compatibility with Gaming Setup:

Some gaming chairs come with in-built USB ports, which will help you charge your controllers from your armrests while others even have a sound system built into the headrest to play sounds right next to your ears. Some other additional features to think about within the best gaming chair include motion compatibility features, but these are highly expensive models, so tread carefully.

Points to Remember:

  • Customer Reviews:Before purchasing a product online, it is necessary to check the reviews from other buyers first. The best way to get a good idea of whether or not a chair is worth the money is to see if other people think it is; this will give you a better insight into the product’s reliability.
  • Warranty Period:Most gaming chairs come with a manufacturer’s warranty, enabling you to get replacement parts or a refund if there are any defects with your gaming chair. Considering that you’re making a purchase online, you must select one with at least a few years of warranty.
  • Ease of assembly:Some gaming chairs are delivered pre-built. However, others expect you to assemble it at home. In that case, choose a unit that is relatively easy to assemble.
  • Adjustment Period:A widespread complaint from users is that their gaming chair is uncomfortable. However, once you buy one, you must use it for a week for the gel foam to adjust to your sitting position. The first few weeks in the beginning will be an adjustment period for the user. Consider other options if the chair is still not comfortable.


The Best Gaming Chair in India is GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Multi-Functional Chair (GS-734U). This gaming chair comes in three color models i.e., Black & a shade of Red, Black & a shade of Blue, Black & White.

If yet, you have any questions and queries related to the Best Gaming Chair in India, let us know in the comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Best Gaming Chair.

  • Does a good gaming chair improve my health?

To answer it in one word, yes, it does. A gaming chair can provide you the correct posture, which will make you skip many back-related and bone problems. It is soft, so your muscles also get relaxed.

  • How to choose my chair?

It is your need, according to which you should go. Browse chairs and look for the kind of chair which fulfills your requirements. There are many chairs made with different objectives. You can check the buyer’s guide provided below to understand in a more detailed way about the kind of chairs that suits your needs.

  • What is Lumbar support?

Lumbar is a part of your backbone, and gamers often get problems in this section due to long uncomfortable sittings. These chairs are specialized in providing your lumbar a support.

  • Are these good for children?

Of course, they are made up in such a way that it is good and comfortable for children as well as adults, you can easily gift it to your child.


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