8 Best Exhaust Fan For Kitchen Window In India-(Buyer’s Guide & Review)

best exhaust fan for kitchen window in india

 Exhaust Fan For Kitchen Window In India 

If you are looking to Purchase best exhaust fan for kitchen in india then you’re at right place.

What’s the most necessary element for you to sustain life? Is it water, air, or light? Well, for most of you, it must be all three. And it isn’t incorrect anyway. But for us, it’s the air that is the most vital. Why? Before we answer this, let’s try it differently. So, tell me will you guys be able to survive if you are to breathe stale air continuously? No, right? Now, we guess you got the answer to the previous one. So, yes, we might face severe consequences or health issues if the air we breathe goes stale or trapped with unhealthy and unsafe gases for long. Hence, we require proper ventilation or air circulation to ensure fresh and safe air all the time. And now we can make that happen. Thanks to the exhaust fans!  The advent of such fans have not only put an end to the detrimental effects of stale air but also removed not-so-good odors and filled our lives with freshness. So why are you waiting? Get yourselves the best exhaust fan and enjoy unlimited benefits.

Here’s a detailed review of the best exhaust fan for  kitchen window in India for your assistance.

 1.Usha Crisp Air Premia BV Exhaust Fan 

Usha Crisp Air Premia BV Exhaust Fan

It is a fantastic product from Usha and is one of the best kitchen exhaust fans for Indian cooking. This exhaust fan effectively regulates the air quality in cozy kitchen spaces and prevents the trapping of moisture, smoke, fumes, and foul odor. It features an automatic back shutter operation and a durable, rust-proof body that ensures a long-lasting guarantee.

Its chic white color gives it an elegant look, and the sweep size or blade diameter is 100mm. It is noiseless, lightweight, and the ideal exhaust fan for your kitchen window.

It does not make unpleasant noise during operation and ensures a noiseless service. Thus, it is fit for installing in cabins too.

It is easy to install as well as operate and ensures optimum levels of air circulation to ventilate your rooms and help them get rid of harmful air containing pollutants, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

All these features make this product a must-have for your rooms, especially kitchens.

  • Automatic back shutter.
  • A shaded pole motor design.
  • Rust-resistant body and blades.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Perfect for mounting on a glass window.
  • Durable design.
  • Ideal for bathroom & kitchen.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Suction power is a bit low.


 2.Polycab Fexdofr007P Plastic Freshener Exhaust Fan 

Polycab Fexdofr007P Plastic Freshener Exhaust Fan

It is another reliable and best exhaust fan for kitchen window in India. It offers a silent operation and provides a heavy-duty exhaust function. Besides, it bears a virgin polypropylene frame that is strong and durable.

And the best part is, it not only works well in kitchens but is also the best for bathrooms and toilets. This Polycab exhaust fan has an elegant white plastic body that looks attractive and is ideal for home and office use. It refreshes the entire space in just a few minutes.

It has five power-puffed fan blades that bear a spin speed of 1200 RPM and effectively slashes down bad and unhealthy air. Moreover, it has a sweep size or blade diameter of 8 inches that is capable of allowing the required amount of airflow. It offers minimum vibrations with a frequency of 50 Hertz and is great on glass and wood window panes.The motor consumes a power of 38 Watts and ensures seamless operation.

  • A plastic body and virgin polypropylene frame.
  • Single-phase unit.
  • Five blades.
  • Silent operation.
  • Spin speed of 1200 RPM.
  • Frequency of 50 Hz, wattage of 38 watts, and 8 inches blade diameter.
  • Elegant look.
  • Best suited for small and medium kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Minimal noise output.
  • The motor bears some corrosion marks.


 3.Havells Ventilair Roof Mounting Exhaust Fan 

Havells Ventilair Roof Mounting Exhaust Fan

The Havells Ventilair exhaust fan is the next best exhaust fan for kitchen window. It is a highly preferred product due to its superior quality and excellent ventilation. It is powerful enough to remove stale odors, making the air around you fresh, healthy, and clean.

The exhaust fan is crafted of high-grade engineering plastic having impact and abrasion resistance. Besides, it offers a low-noise operation and has a modern design that fits any room. It creates minimal vibration and hence, does not disturb anyone.

Its unique construction makes it ideal for even centrally air-conditioned bathrooms. Moreover, it has a lightweight and is resistant to any type of color change.

It has anti-static properties that ensure optimum safety and does not cause any harm to the users. With a sweep size of 130mm, it offers an excellent airflow of 150 cmh of air.  The powerful motor of this exhaust fan ensures non-stop performance throughout the day.

It also bears a high-speed fan with a speed of 1250 rpm that is best for removing unwanted odors. Besides, it also comes with a slitted guard that prevents the entry of foreign particles.

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Perfect for centrally air-conditioned bathrooms.
  • Sturdy construction with high-quality engineered plastic.
  • Optimum safety with anti-static properties.
  • Slitted guard to prevent dust, insects, birds, etc.
  • Durable blades, high fan speed, and excellent airflow.
  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • Superior ventilation facilities.
  • Low noise and highly durable structure.
  • No cons as such.


 4.Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan with Window 

Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan with Window

It is an excellent exhaust fan available in the market. It features an elegant and convenient design that makes it perfect for mounting on glass windows, wood panels, walls, etc. It offers minimal noise during operation. Moreover, this exhaust fan is lightweight and has a sturdy engineering plastic construction.

It is also resistant to impact and abrasion and offers minimal vibration. Thus, it is ideal for glass windows as it does not endanger the panes. It provides resistance to color change and makes cleaning a breeze.

The body and blades of the fan ensure static protection due to their anti-static properties. Thus, there’s no risk while touching it.

The sweep size is 150mm that facilitates a sufficient flow of air, around 300 CMH. The high-performance motor ensures that the exhaust fan works all day long without any hindrance.

The Havells exhaust fan possesses a high speed with blades rotating at 1800 RPM. It makes it a potential device for removing stale air.  Besides, it also has a gravity shutter that stops the entry of foreign particles like dust, pollen, insects, etc.

It is cost-effective, long-lasting, and your perfect ventilating device anytime.

  • Resistant to color change and anti-static properties.
  • Easy installation on glass and wood panels.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Elegant white finish.
  • High-speed fan to remove foul smell and bad air.
  • Superb airflow technology and gravity shutter to prevent unwanted particles.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • 24-hour performance with optimal airflow.
  • Long-lasting blades.
  • Suction power is a bit on the lower side.


 5.Orient Electric Hill Electric Exhaust Fan 

Orient Electric Hill Electric Exhaust Fan

It is the best exhaust fan for kitchen 9 inch in matt grey finish. It is of pure metal construction with a sweep size of 225mm sweep size that ensures maximum flow of air. It houses a power-packed motor having 1300 RPM rotating speed. With three durable blades, this exhaust fan is great for eliminating bad smells from all corners of the room.

It features a universal useful design that is super-efficient in circulating fresh air. It is faster in cleaning the air and making it healthy. With an air delivery of 550 cubic meters per hour, the Orient exhaust fan ensures a safe and hazard-free airflow.

Moreover, it features a grid in the anterior side that provides safety while cutting down the smoke and bad smell, even when your food is burning. Also, this exhaust fan bears powder-coated blades to ensure a longer life and an extraordinary appearance. Besides, the coating also makes it easy to clean.

The high speed, faster and cleaner air delivery, and durable structure make the best fit for kitchens, bathrooms, and storerooms.

  • Universal design.
  • Stunning metal finish in matte grey color.
  • Powder-coated metal blades.
  • Effective sweep size to facilitate rapid airflow.
  • Unique grid design in the front to offer safety and better air cleansing.
  • It operates in a voltage range of 220-240 volts.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable body and blades.
  • Powerful motor with high rotating speed.
  • Unique, elegant, and utilitarian design.
  • It offers only a one-speed setting option.


 6.Havells Ventilair DX Exhaust Fan 

Havells Ventilair DX Exhaust Fan

It is another efficient and best exhaust fan for kitchen window in India. Havells is a name in itself, and it doesn’t need any special recognition. However, this exhaust fan has got some great features that make it one of the top choices amongst customers. It has a fantastic design and a stunning finish that soothes your eyes. It is suitable for mounting on both glass as well as wood windows. It is made of superior quality engineering plastic that is resistant to any type of color change. Besides, it also provides anti-static properties that take care of you and your device’s safety.

The exhaust fan has a capping of 34 decibels on the noise level, and thus, it does not cause noise pollution and irritate people around. Moreover, it has high-speed blades having a rotating speed of 1350 RPM. It bears a power of 24Watts and powerfully supports an airflow of 280 cubic meters per hour.

It has an attractive white appearance and provides proper ventilation for your kitchen rooms. Besides, it lets you breathe fresh air every time.

  • Attractive body design.
  • Powerful and high-speed motor.
  • Long-lasting and easy-to-clean blades.
  • Color change resistance.
  • Capping on noise level.
  • Effective functionality with anti-static property.
  • High rotating speed of blades.
  • Excellent airflow system.
  • Elegant and quality design.
  • A bit heavy.


 7.Luminous Vento Axial Exhaust Fan 

Luminous Vento Axial Exhaust Fan

Luminous Vento Axial is an excellent exhaust fan that is suitable for homes, offices, kitchens, and bathrooms. This 7 inches white-colored chic model is perfect for giving a breath of fresh air. Moreover, it is reasonable and cost-efficient too. It delivers a considerable amount of air that is 240 cubic meters per hour and bears a faster fan rotation speed of 2000 RPM to quickly pass away the smoke and unpleasant odor and replace it with the healthy ones.

It has a total of five blades that effectively removes smoke and ensures optimal ventilation. And the good news is, it consumes only 22 watts of power while in operation. It is engineered out of high-quality and durable materials and possesses a modern and stylish design that perfectly blends with your decor.

The exhaust fan ensures a smooth and noiseless operation that makes it apt for use in AC cabins and conference rooms. Also, it possesses a circular guard on its motor that protects the fan in running condition.

It has a compact design that is easy to install, and its plastic blades offer better airflow and an overall high performance. Besides, its stunning white color gives an edge to your interiors aesthetics.

  • Classy and compact design.
  • Less consumption of power.
  • Zero noise operation.
  • Plastic body and blades for optimum air delivery.
  • Easy and Hassle-free installation.
  • Effective and relatively high rotating speed of blades.
  • Elegant, compact, and classy product design.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Smooth, seamless, and noise-free operation.
  • Sometimes the motor gets too much heated up.


 8.Orient Electric Ventilator Dx 

Orient Electric Ventilator Dx

It is another good exhaust fan from the very own brand ‘Orient.’ It is high on features and ensures superior quality, usefulness, and support. The first thing that captures you is its lightweight body and sleek design that perfectly complements your interiors, be it kitchen, washroom, or living space.

It has resin blades that provide a long-lasting guarantee, look great, and are easy to maintain. They rotate at a speed of 1300 RPM and deliver air of 550 cubic meters per hour that is essential for removing unwanted odors and excess moisture from rooms. It has a sweep size of 200mm that allows maximum circulation of air.

The fan bears a shutter that prevents dust from settling onto the blades. Besides, it offers a low power consumption of 40 Watts that makes it highly economical to run for longer hours without worrying about hefty electricity bills.

The smart & elegant plastic body, easy installation, user-friendly operation, and effective removal of foul air make it the best exhaust fan for not only kitchens but in any cabin.

  • Lightweight and stylish plastic design.
  • Long-lasting resin blades for easy maintenance.
  • Maximum air circulation through considerable sweep size.
  • Lesser power consumption and economical usage.
  • Shutter to protect fan blades from stubborn layers of dust.
  • Effective delivery of fresh air.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Lower consumption of power.
  • Efficient cleaning and freshening of air.
  • The rotating speed of the blades of the fan is a bit on the lower side.


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 Buying Guide: 

Buying an exhaust fan for your kitchen in 2020 isn’t a big deal, given the availability of products and online resources providing proper guidance on purchasing. However, if you plan to buy the best one, the picture might be a bit different. And we’ll tell you why it is so. It’s because, in the crowd of a wide range of available choices, you are likely to get lost and confused. Consequently, you might end up picking the wrong product for you, if not the best. So, we are here with a buying guide for you. It will help you consider the crucial features or aspects while buying the right exhaust fan for your kitchen. So, do check it out, and the next time you step out to buy an exhaust fan, don’t miss these essentials.

  • Sweep size or diameter of the blades of the fan – The sweep size is one of the essential points to consider in an exhaust fan before buying. You should always go for the product that has a bigger diameter of the fan blades so that it can allow maximum airflow or circulation. This way, your exhaust fan will be able to provide you with a considerable amount of fresh air and remove stale odor and polluted air.


  • Dimensions of the duct of the exhaust fan – Before deciding on an exhaust fan, it is also necessary to check the duct dimensions. An accurate knowledge of the length and breadth of the duct would help you with seamless purchase.


  • Availability of space around the duct from the ceiling or side walls – While you are going to purchase an exhaust fan, it is also a crucial thing to analyze the amount of available space around the duct from the ceiling or sidewalls. It will ensure a smooth movement of air, and hence, you should always make sure that the gap is sufficient.


  • Type of installation supported – Different people prefer different installation options when it comes to exhaust fans. Some want it on glass walls or windows, while some others prefer concrete. Thus, you need to ensure that the product you choose supports the type of installation you plan to do.


  • Weight and dimensions of the exhaust fan – Another thing worth considering is the weight and size of the exhaust fan as a whole. A heavy or bulky product is a big no-no. So, you should always opt for the one that is lightweight and easy to install. At the same time, you should also look at the size or dimensions of the product to make sure if it is perfect for your room size.


  • Quality – Quality, of course, doesn’t require a special mention. Always ensure that the body and the blades are made of high-quality plastic or metal and are durable. Besides, they should always be resistant to abrasion, impact, rust, and discoloration.


  • Design – Since look is something that catches our first attention, you should always pick a sleek, elegant, and compact design that fits your decor and matches your style.


  • Safety components & Anti-static properties- Safety parts like protective shutter, front grid, slit guard, etc. should never be overlooked as they ensure optimum safety of the fan and motor. Besides, you should also consider the product that offers anti-static properties so that it doesn’t cause any harm if touched while in operation.


  • Noise – Your exhaust fan should provide minimal vibration and offer a noise-free performance.


  • Power consumption – Power consumption plays a pivotal role in determining a product. While buying, try to make sure that it consumes less power to let you enjoy long hours of service without incurring high energy costs.


  • Motor capacity – Always go for a high-capacity motor that allows uninterrupted operation for longer durations without any strain on the product.


  • Air delivery capacity & Spin speed – Besides the sweep size, it is also essential to look at the amount of air that the exhaust fan can deliver. You should also check out the spin speed of the fan blades before purchase. A fast and a high amount of air delivery ensures optimal entry and circulation of healthy air at your place.


  • Number of blades and versatility of the product – The next big thing to note is the number of fan blades offered by an exhaust fan. A higher number of blades would support faster rotation and enhance a speedy air movement. By versatility, we mean that your product should be suitable enough to cover any area like the kitchen, bathroom, cabins, or even conference rooms. So, if you find such a versatile product within your choice, don’t miss it.
  • Warranty terms – Another point is the warranty. Like every other appliance you buy, it is also essential to check the warranty terms of an exhaust fan before buying to ensure future support.


  • Price – Lastly, price is a crucial factor in selecting a product or determining the right choice. Always make sure that the product you choose covers all your expected features and that too within your budget. Think wisely and make minor addition and elimination if required. After all, that is what smart buying is all about.

So that was all about our reviews and tips on the best exhaust fan for kitchen window in India. We hope you loved our information. And with this, let’s end our journey with the hope of coming up to you all once again with a fresh new product review. Till then, keep learning, start buying, and let the freshness booming.

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