7 Best Broom Jhadu In India

The Ideal and Best Brooms in India

Home Sweet Home as the adage goes has been quoted for many reasons. But the most crucial reason would be for its cleanliness.

Every input of ours to keep the house and its surroundings clean is worth its time, as this lets us live in complete hygiene. The task itself may look enormous, but easier when bifurcated.

Every carpenter requires the best of tools to expedite the job, and so do we keep the floor clean. The Broom or jaddu is the one that matters, and it takes an observant eye to make out the quality between many of the brooms in the market for sale. The options are no doubt plenty, but we have centered on seven of the best brooms brand in India.

Here is that list of the Ideal and Best Brooms in India with specific details.

Best Broom Jhadu In India

1.Chand Suraj 3 pc Pack of Stella Grass Brooms for Floor Cleaning

best broom jhadu in india

The Chand Suraj brooms have come out with a special offer by fitting in three brooms in one purchase. Each broom is a good 43 inches and comes in various colors. Quality is top class, and the product is Eco-friendly since it is made of natural grass.

The durability is more than expected as it is bound tightly at the top with a steel casing and assures us of a firm grip. The broom can undoubtedly reach into the corners and beneath chairs as well as ceilings above.

The next purchase of a natural broom can be postponed with an excellent offer for these three would last a long time in combination thus making it one of the Ideal and Best Brooms in India


  • The steel handle finish is excellent for grip.
  • Light in weight.
  • It is fully Biodegradable.
  • Cons:
    • The grass withers down to the floor while sweeping.
    • The grass is too brittle.
    • Few complaints of loose packing and damage.

2.Monkey 555 Premium Natural Grass Broom for Sweeping Floor

Monkey 555 Premium Natural Grass Broom for Sweeping Floor

The next broom in the list of seven is the Monkey 555. It comes with a top-quality Garo-hill type of grass that ensures longevity and high flexibility.

The Monkey broom comes with a rectangular shaped handle and ergonomic, which locks itself mechanically. It has an Eco-friendly plastic handle, which ensures a tight grip, and it has inverted ribs.

The Garo grass is mixed with fine grass, which increases its durability.


  • Plastic is noncorrosive.
  • The plastic handle is waterproof.
  • They are ergonomically designed and Eco friendly.


  • Broom with certain parts in plastic is dangerous as plastic does not melt away.

3.CHAND SURAJ Pack of 2 Strong Grass Broom Stick

best broom jhadu in india

The twin piece Chand Suraj broomstick is made of natural grass and backed up by a stainless steel handle, which allows for a firm grip while sweeping. It is constructed of Thysanolaena Maxima, which indicates its grass of top quality. This would be proven as it creates fifty percent lesser Bhusa than other brooms of the same nature.

The grass used in the broom is exceptionally flexible and durable. The Chand Suraj broom is bio-degradable and eco friendly. The Combo broom allows sweeping up any unreachable corner of the furniture without flexing the body and quickly reaching corners. The same can be said when one tries to clean odd the cobwebs perched in the ceilings.


  • A combo Pack suggests that the next purchase is postponed indefinitely.
  • Almost everything used to make this broom is environmentally friendly.
  • The long reach saves cost since the specialist brooms used to clean ceilings are ruled out.


  • The grass withers down to the floor while sweeping.
  • The grass is too brittle.
  • Few complaints of loose packing and damage.

4.Scotch-Brite No-Dust Fibber Broom

Scotch-Brite No-Dust Fibber Broom

This elegant broom comes from 3 M’s house and backs certain features and designs to make sweeping easy. The bristles are prominent and very flexible as it reaches out for hidden locations beneath furniture and walls.

The handle is constructed of ABS plastic, which lends a firm grip and extends the cleaning fibers’ durability two to three times more. .Back stress is avoided mostly as the broom’s reach is good, and it does not leave any residual after sweeping.

Another top feature is that the bunch of cleaning fibers is detachable to give us a ‘duster’.


  • Slightly overpriced as the quality of materials is outstanding.
  • Does not get charged of static current
  • It’s from the production house of 3 M, which stands for quality.


  • Many are concerned about the price, which is high with this broom.

5.Gala No Dust Floor Broom

best broom jhadu in india The Gala -145020 never leaves any bhusa behind even if it has just been used for its first sweep and never does it even after repeated usage. The Gala broom can be washed with water to maintain its clean appearance, and durability is three times more than its competitors.

The special Grass look-alike fibers with more than 5000 touchpoints make up the Gala broom and deliver a cleaning performance far superior to other grass brooms. It stands tall at an elegant height of 90 cm too.


  • very professionally constructed broom
  • Touchpoints are more than 5000, which means it would clear all the germs and bacteria off the floor.


  • Contrary to their claims, the dust does stick on to the broom.
  • Problems in the market due to duplicity.

6.Chand Suraj Environmentally friendly soft grass floor sweeper broom

Chand Suraj Environmentally friendly soft grass floor sweeper

Chand Suraj grass sweeper brooms are produced from THYSANOLAENA MAXIMA, a grass of top quality and significantly less straw and comparatively fifty% lower than its competitor’s natural broom.

It stands tall at 104 CM and reduces the bowing down factor irrespective of the user’s height. It can quickly enter the insides of any furniture low down and clear cob-webs atop the ceiling. It is designed to be used at your residence and office too.

The grip is tight and binds the grass well, thus ensuring durability. It is Eco-friendly and is most flexible. It is labeled as bio-degradable, thus making it environmentally safe.


  • The steel handle finish is excellent for grip.
  • Light in weight.


  • The grass withers down to the floor while sweeping.
  • The grass is too brittle.
  • Few complaints of loose packing and damage.

7.Orinext Palm Leaf no dust Broom

best broom jhadu in india

The Orinext is hand made entirely, which emphasizes the eye for details. It is made of the date palm and can be used on any floor, be it granite or cement.

It is water-resistant and can be cleaned with water after the sweeping, lending it a new look every time. The date leaf can enter into the thinnest of crevices on the floor, and the handle ensures a steady, firm grip.

It is a combo offer, which indicates that the purchase of yet another broom is indefinitely postponable.


  • It works on all kinds of floors.
  • Date palm leaves are eco friendly.
  • Handmade, so efficiency is not questionable.

Buyers guide to Brooms:

In case you are not experienced in housekeeping, this guide would lend a few ideas on what types of brooms in India are available to buy. It all depends upon

  • The floor type.
  • Quantity of dust that might accumulate every day.
  • The décor which might vary from house to house
  • Is it only dry floors or even wet floors that have to be swept?With these factors in hand, the ideal broom has to be chosen.
  • Size matters:

The lengthier the broom, the longer is the reach. It can clean up dust and dirt generally beyond reach and saves time as one long sweep covers a substantial area.

  • Safety:

Even though a broom cannot hurt us, small injuries remain a possibility. If the bristles are extraordinarily sharp and do not let go dirt, physical cleaning must be done. In this process, the bristles may hurt us.

  • Ease of cleaning:

A top quality broom may ease the effort of cleaning every day. It depends upon their reaction to static electricity, and the grip is tight, etc.

  • Construction:

The broom has to be made up of parts that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Plastic parts are not the best. Moreover, stainless steel lends a tight grip, and the bristles should be preferably grass or date-palm.

  • Durability:

A broom is put to the test every day, and it should stand up against all types of cleaning. Sometimes it involves hard beating on the wall, and other situations may warrant a lengthy cleaning process in one single attempt.

Whatever may be the purpose, the ideal broom would stand the test of time.

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1.Do brooms require maintenance?

They do. Some brooms can be water-washed to make them clean. Others have to be cleaned manually.

2.Do brooms have a warranty?

No, brooms are not very expensive and do not break with a fall.

3.Can brooms be used to clean indoors and outdoors?

Generally yes. But some may not serve the double purpose.

4.Can branded brooms be duplicated?

Yes, the possibility is high. So, it’s better to buy from established stores or purchase a Online.


In case you are in the lookout for the ideal and best sweeping  broom that can serve both home and offices, never look beyond these seven best brooms listed above,as these are the Ideal and  Best Broom in India.





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